Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

MetalkinG event on 9th April! - links to MetalkinG performing El Kino Up Your Ears (not at Bradford - I was way too immersed to film it!)

When Cherry Kino welcomed MetalkinG to Bradford in April earlier this year they put on a thoroughly mind-blowing show at the Bradford Playhouse, and got me thinking a lot about collective spectatorship, and embodied spectatorship. I remember my foot was pounding a drum beat with the spectacle, as Riojim (Etienne Caire) did magnificent things with his film and projector and Richarles Bronson played noise on old electronics junks to palpably mesmeric effect. Seriously, there was a moment when a scene from "The Shining", transferred as it was to b/w 16mm film and enhanced by the manual insertion of an anamorphic lens in front, became obliteratingly present!

I stupidly didn't take any photos of the night - which also featured awesome instrumental noise from the Brass Archivist, whose work I always love, and the vocal manipulations he collected, as well as music from the very talented Rinkadon (both accompanied by Super 8 projections/performance) - so I'm just going to include a still image here from part of the film - the colours are insane. It's not digitally enhanced or touched in any way, it's simply a 16mm frame from a film Riojim (Etienne) made at his Grenoble-based artist-run film lab, MTK. I love those two - they really have a strong feeling for what they're doing, and serious artistry and skill. To be honest, I felt pretty poor in comparison, but instead of feeling bad about it I see it as an honour I was there with them, and something to totally aspire to! We had a joke that we'd have a "projector duel" the next time we meet, with me having learnt to handle my machine with a finesse worthy of the Wild West's best gunslinger... hmmm...! They did lug a really heavy EIKI xenon 16mm projector all the way to England for me...

Also a big thankyou to Bradford Playhouse for providing the venue and lots of good cheer - that venue is one of my favourite places to be in Yorkshire, and now the Love Apple has closed down (noooo!), I will be going even more! I totally enjoyed the whole night, and I think others did too! Oh yes, and a big thankyou to Chris, who invited us all back to his HUGE house near Lister Park for an impromptu after party! That was really ace of you. Ok, I'm signing off now - getting overexcited about the fact I now have a blog! It's ten past three in the morning and I've still got wellies on...(humanely re-locating the slugs from my allotment earlier!).

x Martha

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