Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Thursday, 24 June 2010

My Name is Oona

It is a stunning film that I saw for the first time in Leeds (at olsen) and just couldn't shake out of my being. It struck the strongest chord in me, and I recently saw it again at Oberhausen Short Film Festival, where Gunvor Nelson herself was in attendance. Wonderful, wonderful filmmaker, and a phenomenal woman. I'm going to research her work for my research MA in synaesthesia and film. Her films have been badly overlooked in the avant-garde circle, for many reasons, but two DVDs of her work coming out soon (one from re:voir and one from Film Form I think) and HOPEFULLY newly struck 16mm (and maybe 35mm?) film prints will enable her incredible "personal films" to be circulated more widely and enjoyed by more and more folk. She has pretty strict stipulations about how her films should be screened - in ABSOLUTE darkness (many film screenings aren't truly dark if you think about it! exit signs, lights on the stairs, light leaks, people coming in and out etc.) and with specific instructions. I really want to organise a screening of her films this year - I'll try! She is a MASSIVE inspiration to me. Does something physical to me just thinking about her films, like a feeling of huge waves of freshness in the sea on a sunny day, or the explosion of a thunder and lightning storm that clears the air so you can breathe again.

Thankyou Gunvor!

x Martha

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