Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Things people have said about Cherry Kino

Here are some of the comments Cherry Kino got from people immersed in the world of experimental film. Check out their websites too, they are all doing brilliant things, more power to them! Doubtless you'll be hearing more about these organisations and artists - MTK, Lightcone, Alex MacKenzie - in the future and on the website when I get it up and running!

"The experimental film community is being exposed to some of the most exciting explorations occurring within film culture that also happen to intersect with the media and fine arts. The exposure generated by Cherry Kino is crucial in developing new audiences for the many discreet experimental film communities currently operating around the UK, and internationally." - Etienne Caire, Filmmaker and Director of Atelier MTK, an artist-run film lab in Grenoble - here's a website of LaFoxe, another of Etienne's projects

"I would like here to give you my full support regarding your projects for Cherry Kino. The work you have been doing for Leeds International Film Festival for a few years now truly contributes to the transmission of experimental cinema culture in England and to let British audiences discover the diversity of experimental filmmaking. I remember that 25 years ago, when Light Cone and our regular screenings called Scratch were just created, barely anyone in Paris knew about this practice. Today - and I believe Light Cone contributed massively to this - it is possible to see experimental films almost every day, and it is not rare to receive French filmmakers’ testimonies explaining how Scratch was, and still is, important to them, and above all stimulating for their work. As a result, I think it’s really important to organize regular screenings of experimental film in the UK in other cities than London that pretty much concentrates all cultural activities. It would help building a community because people then can count on it happening each month. Inviting filmmakers to present their work, inviting guest curators for “carte blanche”, or organising film lab workshops for young artists, is crucial too...All my best & good luck for the future of Cherry Kino!" - Emmanuel Lefrant, Artist Filmmaker, and Director of Lightcone

"I recently attended the Cherry Kino section of the Leeds International Film Festival, invited by programmer Martha Jurksaitis to present my expanded cinema piece “The Wooden Lightbox: A Secret Art of Seeing”, as well as a workshop on creating Rayograms on 16mm film. I can’t say enough good things about how vital, inspiring and crucial Cherry Kino is. The energy and support around the work and the extremely high quality and commitment of the programming was a revelation...and, speaking personally, my work needs venues, audiences and zones of immersion and dialogue precisely like the ones that Cherry Kino creates. I strongly urge you to support this project!" - Alex MacKenzie, Artist Filmmaker, Founder of the Blinding Light Cinema and the Vancouver Underground Film Festival

Thanks people!

x Martha

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