Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Saturday, 24 July 2010

16mm Film Workshop 24th July: Cherry Kino MicroLab event

Ah, that was amazing!! People travelled from Glasgow, Wolverhampton, Huddersfield, London, and even Berlin for the Cherry Kino 16mm Film Workshop!! I was pretty gobsmacked. Not a Leeds loiner among em! (There was one but she couldn't come at the last minute) I guess it shows that there really is national need for more of these film workshops and events. I'll put some pictures up in the next post!

We used the "rayogram" method to make a b/w film, processed it in high contrast developer, dried it, then made a positive copy of the film, dried that, and then mixed up some colourful tinters and toners and treated the film to some colours. We essentially made a film WITHOUT A CAMERA. All the people who came to the workshop are so ace and we all got on really well together, there was a real sense that we were happy to meet others who were interested in handmade film, it felt exciting. The film we made together was a collaborative affair, and it came out with some really interesting and "wow" bits. It was something of an experiment for me too, as I've never run that particular workshop before, but it was such a laugh and worked so well that maybe I'll do another one. Not right now though - am knackered, but very very happy.

x Martha

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