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Cherry Kino

Monday, 5 July 2010

Cherry Kino MicroCinema, MicroLab and OpenLab!

Cherry Kino's activity can be seen as split into 3 areas:

MicroCinema - this is a term coined in San Francisco in the 90s (I think..!) to describe a small scale, independent and alternative mode of screening film, often showing work that exists outside the mainstream. It can be an actual location - for example the Cube in Bristol - or it can be peripatetic (roving, with no particular home), which is what Cherry Kino will be. Screenings will take place at different venues, though quite a few of them will happen at Patrick Studios (big thanks to ESA for offering the space!) Screening capacities include Super 8, 16mm and digital formats.

MicroLab - this term describes hands on film workshop events that Cherry Kino will run, such as the 16mm film workshop to take place on 24th July! (email: to book and see the blog post about it). Cherry Kino will also invite artist filmmakers to give workshops on specific filmmaking techniques, giving people the chance to learn things that are often quite hard to find information about. They can then go on to practise these techniques at OpenLab...

OpenLab - Cherry Kino will run a film lab at Patrick Studios (top floor) on the 2nd Friday of every month, starting on 13th August, so that people can use the analogue filmmaking resources to make films! It's quite hard to find lots of analogue equipment available for use concentrated in one space, so it's a really good chance to make use of it if you're interested in analogue filmmaking. There's film processing capacity (including a dark room), chemicals and films for sale, Super 8 and 16mm cameras to borrow, projectors etc. There's also a tripod, a screen to use for DIY telecine (transferring Super 8 and 16mm to digital formats), a library of useful resources, and a variety of booklets on different processing/toning techniques. OpenLab is largely inspired by DIY artist-run film labs across Europe and North America, and will be operated as a resource, not a service. You'll need a Cherry Kino Card to gain access to the OpenLab days, which costs £30 (this helps pay for the running costs of the space) and gives you lots of discounts on the MicroCinema (£1 off) and MicroLab (£3 off) events too. During Leeds International Film Festival, Cherry Kino will also organise around 10 events, so the card is really good value, and lasts until 1st July next year. You can buy one by sending a cheque payable to Cherry Kino to: Cherry Kino, Patrick Studios, St Mary's Lane, LS9 7EH, and including your name, address and email, and I'll send you one in the post!

x Martha

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