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Cherry Kino

Sunday, 25 July 2010

OpenLab!!! First one is on Friday 13th (oooh!) August

Photos of some of the resources you'll be able to use at OpenLab

OpenLab is one day a month when Cherry Kino will open the film lab space up for people to come and use the resources to make films on Super 8 and 16mm. The lab is mainly analogue (the equipment is quite hard to find these days), and in terms of digital there are only 2 digital VHS cameras at the moment (and Apple Macs downstairs) but you're free to use them, and there's access to DV cameras. Hopefully the lab can embrace more digital forms in the future so if you work with mainly digital forms, don't feel excluded! You'll need a Cherry Kino Card (£30 - used to cover running costs of the space, maintenance of the equipment etc), which gives you access to OpenLab until July 2011, £1 off all CK MicroCinema events and at least £3 off all CK MicroLab events! This works out as totally worth it I think (there will be lots of CK events during Leeds International Film Festival too, which your card will be valid for), and gives you access to some really great equipment that's quite hard to find all together in one place. Email to buy a card, or you can buy one on one of the OpenLab days (2nd Friday of the month - first one is on Friday 13th August).

There will also be film and chemicals for sale at good rates, and extra bits like film reels, leader, lab gloves etc.

There are 3 rooms: a lab space, a dark room, and a screening space!

Equipment includes:
Super 8: Viewer, Projectors, Splicer, Reels, Cameras
16mm: Steenbeck editing table, Projectors, Splicer, Rewind Arms, Reels, Cores, Camera
Processing: Chemistry for E6, C-41, b/w reversal, b/w negative developing
Film for sale: Super 8 colour and b/w, high contrast 16mm print film, 16mm b/w negative (all kept in a fridge!)
Library of film books and magazines
Library of DVDs of experimental film
LOMO developing tank (for Super 8, 16mm, and 35mm), DIY Super 8 developing tank, film drying machine, thermometer, timer, red safelight (for use only with print film or making photo prints), photographic enlargers, developing trays, and lots of buckets!

Plastic bottles of all sizes are always welcome so if you have some you were going to recylcle, bring them with you when you come. Hope to see you there!

x Martha

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