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Cherry Kino

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Paul Clipson event on 22nd September!


Paul Clipson is coming to Leeds!!! His only tour date in the UK. On 22nd September he'll do a show, hosted by Cherry Kino, down at ESA Patrick Studios. Gareth Hardwick will collaborate on sound for the show. Check out Gareth's myspace page here: - he also has a new album out called "Aversions".

Paul Clipson works mainly with Super 8 film, and will be projecting his work live on Super 8, with 2 works on 16mm. Here's his statement about his work:

Filmmaker's Statement

“My approach to making films is to bring to light subconscious preoccupations that begin to reveal themselves while filming in an improvised, stream of consciousness manner. Aspects of memory, dreams and recordings of the everyday are juxtaposed with densely layered, in-camera edited studies of figurative and abstract environments vast and small, all within a flowing formal and thematic experimental aesthetic that encourages unplanned-for results.

Maintaining a predominantly intuitive process in conceiving and creating films, where improvisation, utilizing mistakes, and “wrong” images (for example images that are overexposed or out of focus) are part of my filmmaking methodology, I’m less concerned with a preconceived end result and more with being immersed in a visual exploration of the moment. I employ a mainly handheld camera, often set at the two extremes of the focal spectrum, macro and telephoto (extreme macro close-up, extreme long shot), which maximizes the saturated textures of Super 8mm, the format I most frequently shoot in. The films are a personal recording, like a diary or essay, rendering color, light, focus and shadow in many forms, in the hope of allowing for un-thought, unexpected elements to reveal themselves.

To a large degree, the editing in the films is “in camera”, meaning that many of the shots and their order are as they were conceived at the time. Many of my films are the result of collaborations with sound artists or groups, such as Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Gregg Kowalsky and Joshua Churchill, all of whose methods of experimenting with sound and instrumentation, incorporating improvisation, mistakes and accidents into live performances and recordings, have greatly influenced my work.

I initially create 40-60 minute films, shooting rapidly and almost daily, to collect specific thematic and formal elements as they occur to me. The films are often screened at live musical performances (in the Bay Area and at international music venues) with the largely “in-camera” edited footage in its most effective order. These performance screenings provide me with an exciting environment in which visual and sonic permutations can be studied for future films. There’s no discussion or effort made by the musicians I collaborate with to synchronize or edit the films in a way that will better suit their being experienced by the audience. Over time, shorter film pieces, such as ECHO PARK (2007) or SPHINX ON THE SEINE (2008), are carefully created from this work, utilizing the accidental, unexpected juxtapositions of sound and image that have been discovered live. Along with the influence of experimental filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage, Marie Menkin, Bruce Conner, and Bruce Baillie, many of my recent discoveries and journeys as a filmmaker are the result of my work with musicians and bands.”

x Martha

Friday, 20 August 2010

A Day at the Beach - mini review!

Well that was an awesome adventure! Oh my. Just got home from doing the Cherry Kino "A Day at the Beach" screening down at ESA, it felt so so so so so so good to be projecting, watching and sharing those films. I feel as though my dreams will be stunning and glorious tonight :)
The films I showed were:

At Land - Dir. Maya Deren
Tides - Dir. Amy Greenfield
The Birth of Aphrodite - Leland Auslender
By the Sea - Pat O'Neill
Seashore - David Rimmer
Beach Walk - Jack Walsh
To the Beach - Robert Schaller

All on 16mm. Such a beautiful format! Had a good zoom lens so managed to get a good, big image. Was in heaven. :)))))

Thanks to East Street Arts for use of Patrick Studios as a venue!

x Martha

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Friday 20th August - MicroCinema screening "A Day at the Beach"

Cherry Kino MicroCinema event – “A Day at the Beach”!

6.30pm – 10.30pm, Friday 13th August, ESA (Patrick Studios, St Mary’s Lane, LS9 7EH – over the bridge from the WYP), £5 on the door (£4 with a CK card)

A screening of wondermental “beach” films!

Inspired by a brief but intense boiling hot few weeks this summer spent longing for the sea, “A Day at the Beach” takes the beach as its inspiration. Artists have always been fascinated by that liminal, shifting border between sea and land, and have used it as a means of expressing a multitude of ideas and feelings. Found home movies on Super 8 are often of beach holidays, glittering waves, castles made of sand… it’s a place that fascinates, where normal modes of behaviour don’t apply (a holiday from normal life), and it draws us in with a hypnotist’s skill, inviting us to let go of land and try floating for a while, or emerge primordially from the rich sea, newly born.

The films chosen for this programme include work by Pat O'Neill, Amy Greenfield, David Rimmer, Robert Schaller, Maya Deren, Leland Auslender and Jack Walsh, and they celebrate and explore the beach in its plethora of meanings. After the screening there will be a specially curated selection of music, all chosen according to the theme, to turn the screening into a bit of a party! Needless to say there will also be a bar, and some BBQ’d veggie sausages for your enjoyment! Hope to see you there! And feel free to wear swimwear. Or nothing.

x Martha

How was OpenLab?

Ah, it was ace!!

So, it seems there actually is demand for an analogue film resource and do you know what? I've been wanting to run a lab for about two and a half years, ever since I got back from my trip around Germany and France staying at DIY film labs (Sector 16, L'Abominable, L'ETNA, Atelier MTK). I feel so so happy that it is finally happening!

Lucy and Naomi borrowed a Super 8 camera and shot a roll of film, then came back to the lab and processed it, and hung it up to dry.

Tom brought some really interesting 16mm films and showed them.

Rosie checked out the space, bought a Super 8 film from the lab fridge and sussed out what type of light meter battery she needs to buy to make her Super 8 camera work.

I demonstrated how to splice Super 8, 16mm and Standard 8 film, and gave people tours of the resource, showed how the LOMO tank works, helped Naomi mix up some chemicals for processing, and just generally explained things and pointed people in the right direction to find things out.

I got a lovely Standard 8 camera (made in former USSR in the 60s, called "Quarz") and loaded it with Fomapan R b/w reversal stock (from the Czech Republic), and am shooting it this weekend and trying out the 6 different lenses that came with it! It's a wind up camera, totally love it!

I know OpenLab being 1 day a month isn't that much, but I'd rather that it grows in frequency rather than starts off too ambitiously and then becomes a chore, you know? This way is just perfect for now, and maybe in the winter I'll do a few extra OpenLabs if I've got more time to spare!

The lab is pretty well stocked now, and everything that needs fixing is being fixed, which takes a lot of time and money, but it's soooo worth it!

I'm really keen to get on with my own filmmaking too, and share films with other people. I shot lots of K40 in Tenerife - went to this amazing volcano! - so when I get that processed I can start the lengthy process of editing. I've got a lot of footage I've shot over the years, and a form has been taking shape for a while now, so all I've got to do now is ... oh, tons and tons of stuff! Shooting and processing is only the beginning! I'm in no rush though.

Already looking forward to the next OpenLab, on 10th September. It feels so good to be doing this!

x Martha