Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Friday 20th August - MicroCinema screening "A Day at the Beach"

Cherry Kino MicroCinema event – “A Day at the Beach”!

6.30pm – 10.30pm, Friday 13th August, ESA (Patrick Studios, St Mary’s Lane, LS9 7EH – over the bridge from the WYP), £5 on the door (£4 with a CK card)

A screening of wondermental “beach” films!

Inspired by a brief but intense boiling hot few weeks this summer spent longing for the sea, “A Day at the Beach” takes the beach as its inspiration. Artists have always been fascinated by that liminal, shifting border between sea and land, and have used it as a means of expressing a multitude of ideas and feelings. Found home movies on Super 8 are often of beach holidays, glittering waves, castles made of sand… it’s a place that fascinates, where normal modes of behaviour don’t apply (a holiday from normal life), and it draws us in with a hypnotist’s skill, inviting us to let go of land and try floating for a while, or emerge primordially from the rich sea, newly born.

The films chosen for this programme include work by Pat O'Neill, Amy Greenfield, David Rimmer, Robert Schaller, Maya Deren, Leland Auslender and Jack Walsh, and they celebrate and explore the beach in its plethora of meanings. After the screening there will be a specially curated selection of music, all chosen according to the theme, to turn the screening into a bit of a party! Needless to say there will also be a bar, and some BBQ’d veggie sausages for your enjoyment! Hope to see you there! And feel free to wear swimwear. Or nothing.

x Martha

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