Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Friday, 20 August 2010

A Day at the Beach - mini review!

Well that was an awesome adventure! Oh my. Just got home from doing the Cherry Kino "A Day at the Beach" screening down at ESA, it felt so so so so so so good to be projecting, watching and sharing those films. I feel as though my dreams will be stunning and glorious tonight :)
The films I showed were:

At Land - Dir. Maya Deren
Tides - Dir. Amy Greenfield
The Birth of Aphrodite - Leland Auslender
By the Sea - Pat O'Neill
Seashore - David Rimmer
Beach Walk - Jack Walsh
To the Beach - Robert Schaller

All on 16mm. Such a beautiful format! Had a good zoom lens so managed to get a good, big image. Was in heaven. :)))))

Thanks to East Street Arts for use of Patrick Studios as a venue!

x Martha

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