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Cherry Kino

Friday, 24 September 2010

Paul Clipson & Gareth Hardwick Gig Review!

Here's Paul's website so you can keep updated about what he's doing.

Paul has just gone to catch the plane to Le Havre for his next show - it's so windy outside today! The gig on Wednesday night at ESA Patrick Studios was really mind-blowing - he shoots almost every day, and makes himself film even if he really doesn't feel like it, and you can tell that his work is the work of someone who is dedicated, who knows their tools. The colour saturation of his films is also incredible, and the clean image he gets - wow. It's often hard to believe it has been shot on Super 8, and looks more like 16mm at times. He uses these amazing overlaying techniques with multiple exposures to mesmerising effect, and also moves the camera from side to side and up and down and zooms in and out and uses far away shots and macro ones, and all this combines to create some stunning textures and layers of film, as if you're moving right into the stargate itself! He uses the Super 8 colour stock Velvia a lot, and reckons it's similar to Kodachrome in colour quality, and also loves the b/w stock Plus-X (which Kodak have stopped making but which you can still find in one or two places, including Super8 Reversal Lab in Rotterdam). Paul gets the films processed at labs and pretty much spends all his money on film! Yep, I know THAT feelin! (Paris, Texas...)

So on the evening of the gig, Gareth was performing too (great stuff!) to one of Paul's longer pieces, and it worked beautifully. The two artists, Paul and Gareth, were working on their own pieces, and Gareth was working without seeing what Paul was projecting, and that way it's up to the audience to work to draw them together and make connections between them. The atmosphere was really, really good. Paul commented on that afterwards too. I think everyone had an ace time - I know I felt really elated from the show. We also did an informal Q&A at the end, which was really good - no awkward silences, people had a lot to ask, and Paul and Gareth were really good at explaining their art to us, it was brill.

Thanks to everyone who made it down - really enjoyed the vibe, and hope you can make it to the other CK gigs. Feels ace knowing that people are loving experimental film, makes all the effort totally worth it! Big thanks to ESA for letting us use their space for the event, and the sound was also ace - thanks to Stu for that, great job!
And of course, massive thanks to Paul and Gareth for making the night what it was!

x Martha

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