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Cherry Kino

Monday, 1 November 2010

DIY filmmaking booklet!! - FREE!

I've put together a DIY filmmaking booklet, with TONS of information on how to make analog films, DIY techniques, cameraless filmmaking, processing film by hand, what film stocks to use, where to find them, and loads of stuff! It is now here and looks really nice! I'm giving them out for free. If you want one, email with "CK booklet" in the title and your postal address (anywhere in the world is fine!) and I'll send you a few in the post!

I basically put together what would have been really really useful to me when I started out with making films the analog way. A few things in there are from other places, I've written down lots of techniques I've learnt from different people - please give it away as much as you like, use it, cut it up in different forms - whatever spreads film techniques is brilliant.

WORM Filmwerkplaats in Rotterdam made a great booklet called "To Boldy Go" and you can find it at and Helen Hill (who tragically died in 2007) compiled "Recipes for Disaster" and you can find that at

Both were inspirations for the Cherry Kino booklet, as well as everyone who has shared their friendship, time, love, films, and techniques with me (yes, that involves you, former EXP24!!) I hope that it'll be a useful guide for folk who are interested, and that it helps people find a way into DIY filmmaking - where you don't need a director, producer, editor, technician, etc etc etc and you've got the capacity to do it totally economically, and to make whatever the hell you like, however you like, with whomever you like. It is a very free form of filmmaking, and one that too few people know about. The resources and knowledge do exist! Express yourself however you want to.

If you're attending the Leeds International Film Festival, you will probably be able to pick it up at all CK events, including the film exhibition at Blenheim Building Cafe at Leeds College of Art. It's designed by the lovely and talented Claire McLoughlin, a student of Leeds College of Art, and an ace lady! And thanks to Edwin M Harmer printers in Leeds too for a really good price on the printing!

Also, the Cherry Kino Cards have now been made, so if you want to join the Lab to use the filmmaking resources, you can! Cards will be available at all CK events during the Leeds International Film Festival, or you can email

x Martha


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