Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Thursday, 2 December 2010

FREE Larry Jordan screening on Thursday 9th December!!!

"If I had to name one dozen really creative artists in the independent avant-garde film area, I'd name Larry Jordan as one. His animated collage films are among the most beautiful short films made today. They are surrounded with love and poetry. His content is subtle, his technique is perfect, his personal style unmistakable." - Jonas Mekas

Christmas is a period when our consumer world explodes with price tags and "invitations" to buy things. As a little reaction to this, Cherry Kino's Christmas present to Leeds will be a free screening of Larry Jordan's films (all on 16mm), with free drinks and fairy cakes too! Come with bonhomie in your hearts, and bring the kids too, as I'm sure they'll love the films just as much as you - they're gorgeous! The screening will finish early evening, so they can get to bed on time too (or not!).

Lawrence "Larry" Jordan is one of the finest animators working in wondermental film. A really exceptional artist, whose disciplined approach (he works unfailingly for at least 3 hours daily) and rigorous methodology combine with a superbly fantastical and dream-like sensibility (he likes Jung). I first saw his work in 2009 at the Light Cone Preview Show, with Larry present - there were 2 programmes of work, each of them about 2 hours long, shown one after the other, in chronological order. Wow, what a show. I am very very happy to be able to show them in Leeds - a shorter programme, of 87 minutes, with a selection of diverse films spanning his filmmaking career - a career of well over 50 years (he started making films in 1952!). Formidable work. It'll be at the Leeds Town Hall, in the Albert Room (the room where lots of people get married!), next Thursday (9th December). Doors open at 5.30pm, and the films start at 6pm, and will finish by 7.45pm. And it's totally FREE, with free drinks and fairy cakes! See you there!

x Martha

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Kodachrome! Kodachrome! Kodachrome!

Use up your Kodachrome and send it to Dwayne's Photo Lab!!!! SOOOOON! Get it to them as soon as possible, coz the very last day for processing is 30th December (which means they have to have all the films with them before then!). It's snowing like a bitch here in Shipley, looks amazing, great for filming! Gonna go charge up my Beaulieu R16 now and hop to it!

If you miss the Kodachrome deadline, DON'T DESPAIR! You can still process it as b/w!

For old stock, or stock that hasn't been unfailingly kept in the fridge:
Martin Baumgarten recommends processing it to negative, rather than as reversal, coz otherwise it will probably come out very muddy.

For stock that has been brilliantly preserved, or very recent stock:
Martin Baumgarten says that it will probably be fine to process it as reversal.

Maybe this snowy weather would be good for shooting high con stock when the sun is out to play!

x Martha