Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Blue Cherries - Experimental Sex Films, Star & Shadow in Newcastle, Wed 16th Feb

"Erotica is good and we need it. We truly believe that it is possible to create an alternative to the mainstream porn industry by making sexy films we like."
Number 10 of the Dirty Diaries Manifesto.

Image: Fuses, by Carolee Schneeman, 16mm.

As an antidote to the commercially induced fever of Valentine's Day and its accompanying money sweat on plastic consumables and conventional toss, Cherry Kino invites you to a screening of experimental sex films made by artists including Valie Export, Dietmar Brehm, Carolee Schneeman, Albert Sackl, and films by the Swedish feminist porn filmmakers responsible for "Dirty Diaries".

Combining the exhiliration of "Fuses", body-politics of "Man & Frau & Animal", decade-long erection experiment in "Stiffness 1 & 2", reworked found footage in "Halcion", raw unfettered sex in "Night Time", beach bathing in "Red Like Cherry", sensual unveiling of folds of "Skin", and cross-dressing in "For the Liberation of Men" - this is alternative Erotica!

Image: Stiffness 1 & 2, by Albert Sackl.

Screening in Newcastle at the Star and Shadow Cinema on 16th February. Entry by donating whatever you can afford. Hope to see you there!

x CK