Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cherry Kino now has a JK OPTICAL PRINTER!!! OH MY GOSH!!

Um, I can't quite believe it yet, kind of trying not to think about it too much in case it isn't real!

Yes, Cherry Kino has acquired an optical printer - a JK 107 Optical Printer, no less! In new condition, used only once since it was bought. I am totally over the moon! The possibilities with this machine are blooming endless, and it has been THE favourite tool of countless wondermental filmmakers the world over since the '60s. I feel like dancing down the street, I am so happy!!! I've dreamt about this machine for about 3 years, and now it is really coming to the CK lab. Feeling like the jammiest person in the world right now. Lucky lucky lucky. So effin lucky!!!

It is so unbelievably versatile. You can do so much with it, including fades, double exposure, flickr, reverse filming, dissolves, slow motion, zooms, really encourages a huge amount of creativity with filmmaking. AND... you can do blow-ups from Super8 to 16mm, as well as transferring from 16mm to 16mm! So magic! PLUS... you can make copies of films, or "strike a print" if you need to, instead of using a contact printer. With the Deluxe/Soho Film Lab stopping their production of 16mm prints, this facility is going to become really needed. Everything is still hand processed at the CK lab, there's no processing machine yet, but it's not really needed at the moment (and unless I find a portable one, I don't think it'd fit!).

There's an OpenLab session going on at the moment, and Robin is in the dark room making a rayogram film as I write. The lab is much more orderly now, and in full working order. Watch this space for announcements about future workshops and courses.

Vive le film analogue et sa (al)chimie magique! Long live analogue film and its (al)chemical magic!

Oh my gosh, an optical printer... I am totally in awe. My heart is singing! Oh my, an optical printer!!! WOW!!!!! Martin P - I love you!

x Martha

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