Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Monday, 4 April 2011

Cool links!

Just thought I'd start a running post that I'm going to add to each time I find new DIY filmmaking resources online, or interviews, or other interesting filmy stuff!

Making emulsion with chocolate powder etc!

Processing info for b/w

Reversal processing, including a cool way to do it without sulphuric acid! Hooray!

Processing film in TEA!!

Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie from Nanolab have written this brilliant document on black and white reversal processing

Website about Bauer Super 8 cameras

A really good website about Super8

Graeme Hogg (founding member of the Cube in Bristol) has made this great film website Lab Super8 Page

Good Super8 tips and advice!

Cherry Kino DIY Film Booklet

Ace blog! Ace blog! including picture of Standish Lawder's DIY contact printer

Document on E6 processing from Jobo

Website/blog in the UK about alternative filmmaking called "Film is Fine" - like it! The cartoon's funny too. Find it here

A nice interview with Daichi and Karl from the Double Negative film collective in Montreal.

I'm going to this at Close Up Film Centre - fancy joining me?!

Cool article - transform 16mm Steenbeck into a contact printer

And some dark room techniques here!

A really awesome resource from Australia (Richard from nanolab is involved in it too) - I love this! Check it out!

Check out this website (gazelluloid on twitter 2) - ace films embedded from vimeo

Interview with Gunvor Nelson from a few years back by Greg Kurcewicz for Vertigo

Article about Paolo Gioli's films by Patrick Rumble

Film processing resources from The Handmade Film Institute

26 film labs from all over the world!

The Dog Movement who do interesting screenings and events

British Artists' Film and Video Study Collection

Light Industry in Brooklyn, New York (weekly screenings and events, currently moving location)

x Martha

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