Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Feedback from Super8 workshop 14th/15th May!


Just finished the 2-day Super8 workshop, and it was a lot of fun, with amazing people - lovely friendly artistic people willing to try something new and get enthused! Thank you to all who attended, I had a great time!

Here is some feedback I received:

"This was just a fantastic workshop! I learned tons and you (Martha) were so lovely - such a nice teacher! It's hard to break down the best thing about the course - really everything was great. Thank you so much and for helping to teach others and keep these wonderful technologies and processes alive!"

"Absolutely brilliant, really enjoyed the opportunity to find out about Super8 and ask lots of questions - so much more inspiring than reading it from an internet page. Loved being able to produce something created COMPLETELY by me, loved the tea, biscuits and the amount of knowledge CK had!"

"I've had a lot of fun! As someone who is familiar and comfortable with photography darkrooms and film/video, I never felt lost and learned something new! The coffee/tea/cookies are a big thumbs up. I really enjoyed the laid back was a real pleasure and joy meeting and learning from you. Go film!"

"Clear instruction. Nice atmosphere. Nice small group size. Great printed material/instruction. Great building/facilities. Very practical course, really enjoyed it, great value for money."

"I found the whole experience really good. Small group and a lot of room to turn around, nice. Being the practical film student I am always up for testing and experimenting on what ever format or medium - so i enjoyed it a lot."

x Martha

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