Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Free Screening - Robert Todd, in person! Thursday 16th June, Leeds.

A joint presentation from Cherry Kino and the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds, who are proud to present:

GOLDEN HOUR: A program of 16mm films by Robert Todd

On Thursday 16th June, 6.30pm, you are warmly invited to attend this free evening screening of a selection of Robert Todd's 16mm film works, complete with a talk from Robert himself who will be joining us in person, at Patrick Studios, East Street Arts, Leeds.

“Since 1989, Boston-based filmmaker Robert Todd has been quietly developing one of the most distinctive bodies of work in the American film scene. Todd’s beautifully shot films draw together documentary and experimental elements; they don’t hew to a single, clearly defined style, but nevertheless show a consistency of poetic vision, spirit, and purpose. Through suspended moments of reflection and anticipation, Todd’s films explore the difficult-to-define emotions engendered by the stresses of civilization.” – Cinémathèque Ontario (Chris Gehman)

Robert has produced over 75 short-to-medium format films that have been exhibited internationally at a wide variety of venues and festivals including the New York Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Le Rencontres Internationale, Black Maria Film Festival, Harvard Film Archive, Paris Biennial, and a great many more.

"What if the Looking Glass were, at the same time, a window and a mirror, if the window was the mirror, the mirror the window? And your projection through this transparent/reflective plane did bring you to a world that is as externally rich as the self, in its internal churnings shifting through dark and light, directs it to be – the self and the world open to each other, if but for a moment? And that window offers itself to you as a space in your life, held shimmering in your being and your vision throughout that sustaining moment, that golden hour."


Passing (14:00) 2008 - a film searching for life.
Gathering (4:30) 2009 – traces of spring, a gathering of images.
After Morning (3:00) 2010 – a composition improvised in-camera, taking its cues from
the building light of a summer morning.
Interplay (6:00) 2006 – play in three acts, a dance in three forms, three versions
of paradise.
Stable (7:00) 2003 - portrait of a New England farm: back and there again.
DIG (3:00) 2008 – a constricted frame in agitation, the sweet music of
jackhammers raging throughout: and anthem to
construction as anathema.
Golden Hour (16:00) 2010 - a conversation within a series of perspectives on a
sublimated "natural" setting – an attempt at crafting the
cinematic time sense to mimic the feel of an hour of bliss.
Arsenic (12:00) 2011 - dream webs stretch across the palette of a fading
consciousness. Tattered fragments unfurl in the gossamer
lands of wilting clarity.

Venue: Patrick Studios, East Street Arts - for a map see the bottom of the
following page: - you can also walk
there easily from the West Yorkshire Playhouse car park, crossing the bridge
Doors: 6.30pm
Screening: 7pm start (ends at 9pm)
Tickets: No tickets necessary - free entry on the door.

There will be an interval, homemade soup and bread, a bar, and you are invited to join us for a drink after the event too. We'll be delighted to see you there!

Many thanks to Simon Lewandowski (University of Leeds), and Judit Bodor, Jon Wakeman, Karen Watson and Ken Stratford (East Street Arts) for helping make this event possible. And of course a huge thank you to Robert Todd for travelling all the way from Boston to give us this experience!

x Martha

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