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Cherry Kino

Monday, 20 June 2011


Thought I'd do a little blog about general CK stuff, what's been going on, what's planned, etc!

First off, the Robert Todd event was magical, I really enjoyed myself, and experiencing his choice of programme with him there to present was a special situation and a rarity, really grateful to Robert for getting in touch and coming, and also to the University of Leeds for helping me to give Robert something for his trouble. Thanks also to Robin, John, Karen and John who helped out so much on the night. I think that will be the last CK screening for quite a few months now, since I need to search for some funding and also complete my Masters, which is nearing its end!

Workshops - these have been amazing fun to do! I really like them, and am constantly interested by how varied people's takes on the visible world are, and the different techniques they use to express themselves. I always learn a lot at these, and feel good!

Edwin - Edwin from the Star and Shadow cinema collective in Newcastle came down to Leeds to use the CK Lab to make a film which is now showing at OnSite Gallery in Newcastle. It was ace to spend time with him, and do lots of processing and have plenty of film discussions. Really good to generally feel that the lab is of use! Very awesome. The Star and Shadow are a brilliant group too, so I'll go up and maybe do something at their lab sometime this year.

Lucy - Lucy has been attending OpenLab regularly (OpenLab is now taking a big break due to other commitments), and borrowed some CK equipment to put on her degree show at the University of Leeds in the Fine Art Department this June. Great show!

South Square Gallery - This place is awesome! It's in Thornton, Bradford. Check it out. It is a gorgeous place to head out to for a day trip. There's a gallery, studios, and a vegetarian/vegan cafe with amazing home cooked food. They've asked me to do 2 workshops here in the summer - 1 in July, 1 in August - teaching Super8, and it has THE BEST surroundings for shooting film!! There will be free lunches in the cafe included in the price of the workshop. It is seriously gorgeous there. If you want to book a place (£80), email The workshops will also be announced very soon by email.

National Media Museum, Bradford - The NMM have invited Cherry Kino to curate a series of wondermental film screenings from October onwards, to show in the Cubby Broccoli cinema every 6 weeks on a Thursday evening! This has got me totally excited, and I'm really happy to have the chance to curate events there - it'll be a great project and I think it could really get some good crowds down there. It's such an ace space, I love going to the cinema there, and I reckon a regular CK event will be just the ticket for establishing more of a 'wondermental' audience in Bradford. Also keep an eye on Impressions Gallery's "Intermission" events, which are very good.

Kinetica - Cherry Kino hosted members of the GranLux DIY lab in St. Etienne, France, who came to visit earlier this year on a research project of european spaces for cinematographic experiments, and they've compiled a whole book about the topic, and included Cherry Kino! They've invited me to visit them in October for the launch party of the book at the lab - can't wait to see it. I love their website and their curation, really impressive, and they are awesome, genuine people who are in love with films. The title of their book is "Kinetica", which is, funnily enough, the first ever name of what is now known as "Cherry Kino"!

Malakta - Cherry Kino also hosted Britt and Jukka who are friends working at Malakta, an amazing arts space in rural Finland. They also came on a research trip, because they're planning on creating an audio-visual element to Malakta, and wanted to see how different labs and spaces work, get a feel for them, and get some tips and ideas. Britt was 7 and a half months pregnant, and amazing with it!! Jukka did a crystal healing on me and shifted some energy that was too intense so it flowed better throughout my body, which totally worked. You know what? The personal and social element of doing Cherry Kino is so enriching - meeting brilliant people from all over the place who have similar loves, and spending time together, becoming friends, I feel very lucky, I really do.

Well I guess that's it for now!

x Martha

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