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Cherry Kino

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Super8 Workshop at South Square Gallery, in Thornton!


CK has been kindly invited by the folks at South Square Gallery to put on 2 Super8 workshops - one on 30th/31st July, and one on 6th/7th August! (The July one is full, but there are still 3 spaces on the August one - email to book!).

So, South Square is the total perfect spot to do some Super8 filming. There's so much stunning countryside all around it, and a gorgeous big viaduct too, it's ace. There's also a sculpture garden out the back, and loads of ace little ginnels and snickets to explore, teeming with wildlife (wild life - the only kind to live!). haha. So yeah, it's gonna be really good, and there's this amazing little vegetarian restaurant and they're offering everyone on the workshop a FREE dinner on both days! The food is amazing - I ate there a few months ago, it's proper lovely home-cooked food. Delicious. And of course the Gallery is ace to explore too, lots of exhibits and artist studios too. I'm really chuffed to be doing something there, it has got me feeling very passionate and happy.

Another bit of news is that Richard and Dianna from nanolab in Australia will hopefully be coming to CK during Leeds IFF in November, and presenting their films as well as running a film workshop! Here's a pic of Richard below, and one of him and Dianna below that!

Both of them are massively knowledgable and experienced - I'm well looking forward to it! I'm itching to get in the darkroom today, but I have to study now... keep dreaming of toning b/w film... It's the deepest pleasure, so so good.

Also, Sally Golding is coming to perform at CK! She'll also be running a film workshop! It'll be a veritable Australian weekend at the Leeds IFF on the 5th and
6th November, aint that the truth! Here's a pic of one of her performances below:

Do you know what? I'm really happy today. I got loads of useful things done, it's sunny, I feel very much in love, I'm feeling film a lot and I am gonna go swimming before studying for the night. I might un-cook something delicious tonight too - something raaaawwwwwww vegan!

x Martha

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