Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lab Work!

Just a quick update on what I've been doing in the lab!

I've been down there loads lately, and time disappears, it's amazing, getting so involved in what I'm doing I don't notice until I nearly miss my last train home! I have been known to sleep there, but no mattress etc so it's a case of sleeping on the floor and putting up with the resident ghost. Seriously.

Anyhow! This is what I've been up to:

1. Properly learnt how to do an okay DIY job of telecine of Super8, and to make DVDs from the footage. Good to know. Useful I guess. Would love a professional telecine unit, maybe in the future!

2. Acquired some new kit, including cameras, polaroid film (Impossible Project), polaroid cameras, gossen light probe for the lunasix light meter (for use with JK optical printer). Old film stocks! Filters for the little Nizos.

3. Started a project with a small number of people making films over an intense period of time. It's ace!

4. Got to grips with the optical printer "Pat". Am using colour print film in the bolex, so I was experimenting with long single frame exposures on the bolex, and about 8 seconds with aperture fully open on lens at end of bellows (3.5) plus a strong orange filter (to give a nice peachy hue) is working well! Pretty laborious doing single frame exposures and counting in my head for 8 seconds each time, but mechanically sort of pleasing to do so! Get into a rhythm. Also tried out some plus-x 16mm negative film I have (dated 1989!) and will develop in D-19 when roll is finished.

5. Processed old Video News ektachrome in C-41 chemistry, and was rubbish. I think the stock is really past it big time. I've also processed it in E6, tweaked to be VNF compatible, but was equally crap! So am thinking of getting rid of it. It's a shame, as I have tons of the stuff! It can still be used for its magnetic sound strip though. I am thinking about using it simply as a sound film, to run alongside a pic, in a double 'projection'.

6. Processed colour print film that has been in the optical printer at 8 second exposures per frame. I used the E6 method taught me by Etienne Caire of MTK in Grenoble, it's ace. 1 minute in first dev, 2 minutes in colour dev, 2 minutes in blix, and 1 or 2 minutes in stabiliser. Really beautiful! I love being able to get a positive so bloomin quickly - 7 or 8 mins! Perfect! Nice rough and ready look too, especially when I'm rough with the film and handle it lots before it's dry.

7. Collected together all the empty Super8 cartridges that I've been saving, and am planning to make a big mural out of them! To be added to each time another is processed. I like seeing the old stocks in there too, adds a bit of verve to the otherwise total kodak monopoly!

8. Ordered some 'cinevia' super8 stock from GK film, process paid! I know that's a very un-lab like thing to do, and have only ever had about 2 films processed (right at the beginning, before I knew how to do it myself), and a little bunch of Kodachrome 40 at the end of last year too, but I'm really curious to see if it lives up to the hype, and also want to remind myself of what an industrially processed film looks like, and compare my efforts!

9. Found a 'Ferrania' Super8 splicer and 2 'CIR' Super8 splicers on ebay and got em! Ace.

10. Learnt more about processing cine film in coffee! Enrico from Kino Lab in Colombia posted on his blog about it. Really amazing. I had seen examples of photo negs done in coffee, but never tried it myself, and the cine film he developed looks brill! Another guy blends up onions to make fixer! I tweeted the blog posts - can't remember the blog addresses off hand, but they're on my twitter thingy. Or just search on internet! The pet name for this coffee developer is "Caffenol". Like it! Gonna try it next week I think!

11. Going to Chapeltown Carnival tomorrow to shoot some footage! Amazing colours there, really nice vibe too. Am glad I'm not at Notting Hill Carnival, where it's expected to totally kick off. It's so huge, you can hardly move anywhere. Chapeltown Carnival in Leeds is the original! And the coolest I reckon!


x Martha

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Expired Super8 Film Stock!


Thought I'd do a quick post about the expired Super8 stocks I currently have in my fridge, as have been really relishing the beautiful packaging of some of them - great coloured boxes that have tons of character! Especially the pink one and the orange one, and that crazy harlequin one! Totally ace. Also I found an amazing second hand '70s maxi dress, and am just feeling very very dated at the moment, and lovin the simplicity of it!


clockwise from top left....

1. Kodak Ektachrome Sound film! - colour reversal stock with a sound stripe on it! Wow! Very uncommon these days, since sound film was discontinued a fair while back. Conjuring up a way to use this single cartridge (I only have one!) in an interesting way, for an in camera edit. I feel very strongly that I want to shoot this film in Bradford. Not sure why!

2. Agfachrome - Apparently this stuff might not come out too well, but worth a try at least!

3. Agfa Moviechrome 40 - I've shot two cartridges of this and have one left. Have had some ace results! Beautiful pastel colours, and a very soft effect. I feel like I want to shoot this film at the Chapeltown Carnival this weekend!

4. Ferrania Film - Made in Italy, and the use by date is 1977! Wow. Not holding out too much hope for brilliant results, but you never know! I am in love with this box. Funky aint the word! It's effin magic. It says you can send it to Glasgow with 60p and they'll process it. Ha. Imagining some old guy waiting for the last reels to come in so he can honour the company promise. ha ha.

5. Kodak Ektachrome 160 - I reckon I'll get some good results with this. Can't wait to try it out!

6. Kodak Plus-X (old version) - I have 4 of these to use. Gorgeous stock. Not too old and stored really well.

7. Kodak Plus-X (new version) - Recently discontinued (about a year or so ago). Sob... Though saved about 14 so have enough for a while!

8. Kodak Ektachrome 64T - Discontinued a few years ago. I saved a couple so I can do dark room exposures with a mini maglite (tungsten bulb so truer colours), but apart from that, it's really not much of a loss. The new stock is much nicer!

I'll let you know how I get on with these, as and when! I'll add a bit of writing about each film when I've used them. If anyone has old stock they don't want, send it to me, I'll be really grateful! Address: Cherry Kino, c/o Patrick Studios, ESA, St Mary's Lane, Leeds, LS9 7EH, UK.

Just bought a cool and cheap cupboard unit to store my Super8 cameras in, it's perfect! Lab needs a good clear out! It always does! :)

Adios amigos,

x Martha

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pics from workshops at South Square on 6th & 7th August!

Here are pics sent by Dave Beveridge and Pete Smyth who attended the Cherry Kino Super8 Workshop at South Square Gallery in Thornton last weekend (thanks for sending these!), plus some comments about the South Square workshops - thanks guys!! If you attended and have extra pics, email them over and I'll add them to this blog post. It was an ace time! If you're interested in attending a Super8 workshop, email for more info!

Cherry Kino did 2 workshops at the lovely South Square Gallery over 2 consecutive weekends, so here are a few things people have written about it - thanks guys!

Your knowledge, teaching methods and passion for the subject was all very inspirational and thats what makes attending workshops good value all round.!!! - Carole

I've been meaning to drop you a line to say thank you very much for the workshop. It made a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and it was a real pleasure to meet such a lovely bunch of people. I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone interested in film generally - In fact I was thinking of mentioning it to my old tutor at Leeds Met because I think the process could be of interest to students working in film and across other media - maybe even painting/drawing students who might benefit from broadening their approach. I totally appreciated your own enthusiasm for your work. It's kind of infectious, which I think made your workshop particularly enjoyable. - Kathryn

I had a brilliant weekend. Despite already being fairly familiar with the Super 8 format I learned loads of new things, both technical and creative skills. I thought Martha was an engaging and totally delightful person, so patient and relaxed. I really appreciated how we were all made to feel equal and capable, Martha was completely un-intimidating and had an obvious desire to share her passion for film.
I came away with a recharged head! A much needed renewal of ideas and energy. All for £80 and a couple of days worth of time...what a bloomin' bargain! - Lucy

Martha, can't thank you enough for putting on such an amazing, informative, fun and creative weekend. Really had a fantastic time. You are a real inspiration to just getting out there and doing it!
Defo let me know about the gallery showing in October, would love to come back and see all the films and everyone again! - Pete

(Ah, such ace comments - you were all amazing to work with too!)

x Martha

Monday, 1 August 2011

a tin of cine with a side of mushy peas please - er, and an iphone...

Photos from the hipstamatic app on iphone

Erm, I got an iphone! totally weird, i've had nothing but fairly trash phones forever, and suddenly the chance came up and... er, i have one. it's pretty ace! it's funny - so intensely analogue with my filmmaking and totally clueless when it comes to digital filmmaking, but i'm so excited about the HD video option on this cool phone, i tried it out, and it's definitely weird to use something not analogue, and the image feels distant to me, but i'm so up for learning to combine it with Super8 and 16mm in some way! really really looking forward to exploring what i can do with it! love children of analogue and digital. like the film me and paul made i guess. speaking of cine film (aren't i always...), i had fish and chips in bradford today, and sat opposite a man in his seventies called eddie, we got chatting and i told him what i do, and it was such serendipity - he has loads of old cine film, standard 8 reels, that he got given as extras at an auction in the 70s, and he says he has never been able to watch them and doesn't want to die and then have them just thrown out by his relatives when they sort out his stuff. it was such a touching thing, hearing him speak so frankly about it, kind of refreshing and lovely. he just wants it to see the light of a projector, and make someone happy. he kept calling me 'kid'. it was really nice. so i've got his address and i'm gonna go pick it up in about a week, and i think i'll take a projector along so that eddie and me can watch some of them together and he will get the chance after hanging onto them since the 70s!

apparently the films are of all kinds of different places, and the guy who originally shot them (around the 50s) seems to have lived in bingley. i was saying the original filmmaker can't have been short of a bob or two coz in those days it was expensive to travel around and also to have cine stuff, not that many people could afford to do that really, and eddie said 'well, he did live in bingley, he can't have been that well off!' it was well funny. maybe you had to be there...! eddie told me a great story about these 35mm slides that he got with the cine stuff. basically, he got totally taken with these images of the dolomites in northern italy, and found that he was totally compelled to go there, and endured a 3 day bus trip, back in the 70s, so he could see them, and stare at them in wonder. i asked him how he felt when he'd arrived, and he said he was pretty 'fed up' coz of the long journey! but i think, from the way he lit up when telling me about it, those dolomite images really spoke to him, and inspired him to visit the real thing, which he said made a huge impression on him, even after the long journey there. he has transferred the images onto his computer now so he can look at them still, and he still does. it's beautiful, isn't it, the way images can really enter a person? this person who made all these images has touched eddie, after his own death and house clearance auction, and another 40 years later, me too, as eddie thinks about his own passing too. i feel honoured that i'm going to be able to watch them. it feels intimate. the fish and chips place we were in seemed to be a favourite spot for elderly folk, overlooking centenary square, called 'a plaice to be' - haw haw. it was fun to treat myself to something like that, it's about the closest thing i can think of that's a typically british example of our fair isle's, ahem, 'cuisine'. mushy peas rule too, of course.

love love love, peace out, (or should that be 'peas' out...groooaan)

x Martha