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Cherry Kino

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Expired Super8 Film Stock!


Thought I'd do a quick post about the expired Super8 stocks I currently have in my fridge, as have been really relishing the beautiful packaging of some of them - great coloured boxes that have tons of character! Especially the pink one and the orange one, and that crazy harlequin one! Totally ace. Also I found an amazing second hand '70s maxi dress, and am just feeling very very dated at the moment, and lovin the simplicity of it!


clockwise from top left....

1. Kodak Ektachrome Sound film! - colour reversal stock with a sound stripe on it! Wow! Very uncommon these days, since sound film was discontinued a fair while back. Conjuring up a way to use this single cartridge (I only have one!) in an interesting way, for an in camera edit. I feel very strongly that I want to shoot this film in Bradford. Not sure why!

2. Agfachrome - Apparently this stuff might not come out too well, but worth a try at least!

3. Agfa Moviechrome 40 - I've shot two cartridges of this and have one left. Have had some ace results! Beautiful pastel colours, and a very soft effect. I feel like I want to shoot this film at the Chapeltown Carnival this weekend!

4. Ferrania Film - Made in Italy, and the use by date is 1977! Wow. Not holding out too much hope for brilliant results, but you never know! I am in love with this box. Funky aint the word! It's effin magic. It says you can send it to Glasgow with 60p and they'll process it. Ha. Imagining some old guy waiting for the last reels to come in so he can honour the company promise. ha ha.

5. Kodak Ektachrome 160 - I reckon I'll get some good results with this. Can't wait to try it out!

6. Kodak Plus-X (old version) - I have 4 of these to use. Gorgeous stock. Not too old and stored really well.

7. Kodak Plus-X (new version) - Recently discontinued (about a year or so ago). Sob... Though saved about 14 so have enough for a while!

8. Kodak Ektachrome 64T - Discontinued a few years ago. I saved a couple so I can do dark room exposures with a mini maglite (tungsten bulb so truer colours), but apart from that, it's really not much of a loss. The new stock is much nicer!

I'll let you know how I get on with these, as and when! I'll add a bit of writing about each film when I've used them. If anyone has old stock they don't want, send it to me, I'll be really grateful! Address: Cherry Kino, c/o Patrick Studios, ESA, St Mary's Lane, Leeds, LS9 7EH, UK.

Just bought a cool and cheap cupboard unit to store my Super8 cameras in, it's perfect! Lab needs a good clear out! It always does! :)

Adios amigos,

x Martha


  1. I have a couple of those Agfachromes in my fridge... let me know how yours turn out!
    Just posted this rambling movie shot on old AGFA Moviechrome.

  2. Graham! Glad to see your film, thanks heaps for the link, really enjoyed it! So those images are from Agfachrome, not Agfa Moviechrome? Ace! So you do get something from them still, brill, I will shoot them soon. I haven't sorted out learning how to put films online yet, but am gonna do a Cherry Kino vimeo channel so will let you know when I get round to it. Hope you're well! xCK

  3. No sorry, the Mossley movie is on Moviechrome... The Agfachrome's stocked in the fridge, multi-coloured boxes shouting for attention every time I brew up...
    Looking forward to your Vimeo channel, you'd think one would be able to project directly into a webcam to get it online, wouldn't you?