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Cherry Kino

Monday, 1 August 2011

a tin of cine with a side of mushy peas please - er, and an iphone...

Photos from the hipstamatic app on iphone

Erm, I got an iphone! totally weird, i've had nothing but fairly trash phones forever, and suddenly the chance came up and... er, i have one. it's pretty ace! it's funny - so intensely analogue with my filmmaking and totally clueless when it comes to digital filmmaking, but i'm so excited about the HD video option on this cool phone, i tried it out, and it's definitely weird to use something not analogue, and the image feels distant to me, but i'm so up for learning to combine it with Super8 and 16mm in some way! really really looking forward to exploring what i can do with it! love children of analogue and digital. like the film me and paul made i guess. speaking of cine film (aren't i always...), i had fish and chips in bradford today, and sat opposite a man in his seventies called eddie, we got chatting and i told him what i do, and it was such serendipity - he has loads of old cine film, standard 8 reels, that he got given as extras at an auction in the 70s, and he says he has never been able to watch them and doesn't want to die and then have them just thrown out by his relatives when they sort out his stuff. it was such a touching thing, hearing him speak so frankly about it, kind of refreshing and lovely. he just wants it to see the light of a projector, and make someone happy. he kept calling me 'kid'. it was really nice. so i've got his address and i'm gonna go pick it up in about a week, and i think i'll take a projector along so that eddie and me can watch some of them together and he will get the chance after hanging onto them since the 70s!

apparently the films are of all kinds of different places, and the guy who originally shot them (around the 50s) seems to have lived in bingley. i was saying the original filmmaker can't have been short of a bob or two coz in those days it was expensive to travel around and also to have cine stuff, not that many people could afford to do that really, and eddie said 'well, he did live in bingley, he can't have been that well off!' it was well funny. maybe you had to be there...! eddie told me a great story about these 35mm slides that he got with the cine stuff. basically, he got totally taken with these images of the dolomites in northern italy, and found that he was totally compelled to go there, and endured a 3 day bus trip, back in the 70s, so he could see them, and stare at them in wonder. i asked him how he felt when he'd arrived, and he said he was pretty 'fed up' coz of the long journey! but i think, from the way he lit up when telling me about it, those dolomite images really spoke to him, and inspired him to visit the real thing, which he said made a huge impression on him, even after the long journey there. he has transferred the images onto his computer now so he can look at them still, and he still does. it's beautiful, isn't it, the way images can really enter a person? this person who made all these images has touched eddie, after his own death and house clearance auction, and another 40 years later, me too, as eddie thinks about his own passing too. i feel honoured that i'm going to be able to watch them. it feels intimate. the fish and chips place we were in seemed to be a favourite spot for elderly folk, overlooking centenary square, called 'a plaice to be' - haw haw. it was fun to treat myself to something like that, it's about the closest thing i can think of that's a typically british example of our fair isle's, ahem, 'cuisine'. mushy peas rule too, of course.

love love love, peace out, (or should that be 'peas' out...groooaan)

x Martha

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  1. Wonderful story Martha!

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