Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Chemical Colours Super8 Workshop - instructions!

Here's what we did on the 'Chemical Colours' Super8 workshop on Saturday 12th November!

We used Ektachrome 100D (Kodak) Super8.

We cut each film in half, and processed half in E6 chemistry as reversal (positive) with the chemistry at 40 degrees Celsius, using the following timings (with fresh E6 chemistry):

1st developer = 6 mins 15 secs
Colour developer = 6 mins
Bleach Fix = 6 mins
Stabiliser = 1 min

Then we processed the other half in C-41 chemistry as negative (funky negative!), using the following timings (with fresh C-41 chemistry, also at 40 degrees Celsius):

1st developer = 3 mins 15 secs
Bleach Fix = 4 mins
Stabiliser = 1 min

It came out ace!!

Thanks to everyone who attended, had a great time!

x Martha

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