Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Free Cherry Kino Microcinema from today until Sunday!


Free Screenings this Thursday 17th, Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th!

From this Thursday, Cherry Kino is delighted to present a whole host of screenings of wondermental cinema, totally free, down at the Granary Wharf Unit 7, an empty shop unit offered by Granary Wharf, as part of the Leeds International Film Festival! The Microcinema is two doors down from local cafe 'Out of the Woods' who are remaining open while the events are on, offering some cinema specials like popcorn, hotdogs and hot drinks specially for the events - perfect for cold dark northern weather!

It will be great if you can come, and if you miss the start time you're still very welcome to drop in at any point during the evening!

Walk away from the train station through the tunnel with the light and sound installation in it, and turn right into the dark arches (lots of parked cars in the units along your way) which lead to Granary Wharf. If you come out onto the concourse you will see The Hop to your right, and Mint Hotel even further right. You want to head over to the river/lock, and it is there that you will find the special pop-up Microcinema. Call 07935916560 if you have trouble finding it.

The screenings will be as follows:


(7pm) Galaxy - A surreal masterpiece from 1967, and Japan's first feature-length underground film!

(8.30pm) Destructural Video - A programme of extraordinary video work showcasing contemporary artists who exploit and explore the imperfections hidden in the signal/data structures of moving image technology.


(7pm) Free Radicals - A History of Experimental Cinema' - Awesome documentary about the artists and poets of cinema, crazy about filmmaking, who push the artform in radical new directions. With loads of extracts of the films themselves, and narrated in a lovely personal manner by Pip Chodorov.

(9pm) Lab Love! - A gloriously free-wheeling selection of films on Super8 and 16mm, made by artists at DIY film labs and chosen for their sense of fun, freedom, and their uncompromising attitude!


(7pm) Obscura - A dazzling selection of recent artist cinema from some of the most interesting and engaging contemporary artist filmmakers, celebrating the richness of 'obscure' cinema.

(9pm) Galaxy - A surreal masterpiece from 1967, and Japan's first feature-length underground film!


(2pm) Lucida - A joyfully diverse selection of new works, blending kitsch Egyptology mash-ups, colourful video collage and plenty more, all films which consider life through the cinematic magic of the prism.

(4pm) Language and Possession - Two very special medium length films dealing with the fascinating topic of language and possession in politically resonant ways. The daring 'Out' by Roee Rosen has won numerous awards, and 'The Folds of the King' takes a fascinating look at simultaneous translation.

Be great to see you!

x Martha

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