Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Handmade Film Emulsion


In January I went to a handmade film emulsion workshop at the WORM Filmwerkplaats during the Rotterdam Film Festival. It was run by Alex MacKenzie and Robert Schaller, and we learnt how to make film emulsion from scratch, and paint it onto clear 16mm film under a red safelight in the dark room, let the film dry, and then reel it up and load it into a camera to shoot or make test strips by contact printing. It was a really ace workshop, and I'm going to practise what I learnt and make some film! The image below is some of the film we made, and then contact printed from a negative to do tests and see how it went. The pic is the film being looked at through a film viewer.

Yesterday I did some photography in the dark room, making some prints from really old negatives (like, about 60-70 years old!) that were in a box of stuff my friend gave me, that used to belong to her granddad. The photos are of her grandma and mum as a toddler - she has no idea they exist, so I'm gonna surprise her with them over coffee in a few days! It's a real rush making prints of negs that old, especially when you know they're precious to someone. It was a really good experience.

Been printing on the JK optical printer loads lately (pictured above!), getting the hang of it and doing lots of tests before working on a longer piece. A Doncaster-based filmmaker Peter Samson is going to come and use it soon for a piece he's working on. It's a really addictive machine!

I'll post the recipe info for the handmade emulsion soon - going to bed now!

x Martha

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Filmmaking Pictures


Here are some pictures from the first session of the Super 8 filmmaking course, plus some pictures of equipment in the lab.

x Martha