Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Friday, 16 March 2012

Northern Film School filmmaking session

Cherry Kino just ran a Super 8 workshop for students of the Northern Film School in Leeds. Since the students who attended were all cinematographers, and the workshop formed part of their experimental film module, the resulting films were really interesting and full of invention! One person even decided to cross process their film in C-41 to yield a negative image, which looked excellent when projected and worked really well. It constantly gives me pleasure enjoying the sheer diversity of views people demonstrate with how they use their Super 8 cameras, and which functions they are drawn to using. Which reminds me that using Super 8 cameras, in my view, enables people to really let their hair down and express their individuality through the camera, to be playful and to expect the unexpected. Then when you come to the hand processing, there are again myriad ways of doing this, to get lots of varied effects. Thanks to Judita, Joe, John, Sean, Jess, Alex and Nancy for a good time and some great film work!

Here are some pictures taken by Judita of the day we spent processing and projecting!

x Martha

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