Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Sunday, 17 June 2012

16mm Colour Negative Processing at Bioskop Film Lab!


Some really good news!

Florent Ruch, who runs the Bioskop Film Lab in St. Sever-le-Moustier, in the South of France, is putting fresh chemistry in his 16mm colour negative processing machines in July, and is able to take on processing work at a really good price! The cost is 60 cents (we're talking Euro here) per metre of film to be processed, and he also offers optional telecine (digitisation) at 23 cents per metre. This is really brilliant, and I'm going to visit him on 1st July to take about 360 metres of colour neg I've been working on for him to process. He has worked so hard to set up his independent artist-friendly film lab, and it's so exciting to see someone make a brilliant and professional standard analogue film resource with the intention of helping people to continue to create art using the medium of analogue film. Florent is an artist filmmaker himself, and his rates are specifically low to enable artists to continue to use film. If you would like to send him your colour negative 16mm for processing, you can contact him at:

Bioskop is a really incredible achievement - an initiative driven by a genuine passion for film, and I imagine it is something the artist filmmaking community will whole-heartedly support, so keep using that 16mm folks, and get in touch with Florent!

x Martha

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