Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Cherry Kino presents films at the Vienna Festwochen!


Cherry Kino was invited by Gran Lux's Anne Grezes, on behalf of the Vienna Festwochen, to present a programme of analogue films. The Vienna Festwochen is a prestigious and gargantuan art, theatre, ballet and music festival in Vienna that lasts 2 months (!) and this is the first ever time that they have included a substantial film segment within their programme.

Cherry Kino presented a screening entitled 'Cinesthetic Synaema', which merged films made at the Cherry Kino Lab with films by known and established artist filmmakers. Filmmakers shown were: Gunvor Nelson, Martha Jurksaitis, Christo Wallers, Imogen Pring, Jacqueline Roberts, Robin Kiteley, and Paolo Gioli.

While in Vienna, Cherry Kino took the opportunity to visit the lovely people of the Vienna Film Coop, at their premises, a very awesome and well-stocked film lab! Complete with proper coffee machine, I might add! Very nice place, very nice people. Many of the Berlin Lab folk were there too, doing lots of film projects as part of the festival (including making a 16mm film about Vienna's only independent and radical newspaper, and running a 'film bus' in some of Vienna's less affluent areas, and dealing with hordes of film-hungry children!), and some serious fits of laughter were precipitated by film processing in the dark room - it was just one of those laughter-infused times, what can I say?!
You'll notice it no doubt in the photos!

Definitely impressed by just how many Lomo tanks there were at the Vienna lab, and lovely Super 8 projectors! There is also a photographer who shares the premises, and he very kindly showed me some of his giant photo prints, and gave me some tips on how to do it myself (something I've been wanting to try for ages, and am determined to do this summer!).

Every single screening we attended was shown on REAL film! That's a pretty big achievement - well done Anne for organising it so well! The screenings took place at the 'Tonkino Salbau', a really ace little DIY cinema space that you wouldn't find unless you were looking for it, tucked away in suburbia with sofas outside in a little courtyard and proper cinema seats inside the venue and everything!

Oh, and two GS-1200 Xenon Elmo Super 8 projectors... incredible machines! I was telling Paul, the guy who single-handedly runs the cinema, that I might just carry one off under my jumper. Gotta find one for Cherry Kino Super 8 screenings. Nothing beats a Xenon projection!

It was a great chance to see programmes of films made at other film labs too - we saw programmes from Laba in Athens, Film Koop Wien, Tree Lab Vilnius, a performance called 'Vowels and Consonants' by Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo, and Ben Rivers' 'Ah Liberty!' in Cinemascope (showed in Cherry Kino at LIFF in 2008). Unfortunately we missed lots of other programmes because we could only stay 3 days, but will try to catch up on them some other way, perhaps by visiting more film labs this year!

x Martha

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