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Cherry Kino

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Super 8 Workshop in Zurich at VideoEx


Here are lots of photos from Cherry Kino's recent trip to VideoEx festival of experimental film and video in Zurich, Switzerland. Cherry Kino was kindly invited to present a two-day Super 8 Filmmaking workshop, it was brilliant fun! You can find lots of info, including processing details, after the photos!

The good folk at VideoEx experimental film festival in Zurich, Switzerland, kindly invited Cherry Kino to host a Super 8 filmmaking workshop over two days. There were ten people attending, with one film per person. Some shot Kodachrome 40 (to be processed as black and white), and some shot Ektachrome 100D. Due to some local issues with the mailman (twice!), the chemicals didn't arrive for processing colour (Tetenal Colortec E6 3 bath kit), so we had to do some serious improvising!! Luckily CK loves improvising! I didn't take any photos of people using the cameras but you can imagine that part! Also I'd like to say a really big thank you to Philip and Patrick for inviting Cherry Kino - it was lovely spending time with you both! Sooooo..... onto the processing and what we did!

1. We processed the Ektachrome in black and white chemicals, at the strongest concentration recommended on the bottle, at 30 degrees Celsius, and for between 6 and a half and 8 minutes. Then we fixed the film in fixer for 5 mins. Voila! The result? A black and white image, but the white is more like orange, due to the residue of dyes on the film. We found that by soaking the film in a strong solution of vitamin C and water (we didn't measure it, just chucked a handful into a cup of water...), this colour mask lessens massively and becomes a pale yellow. You learn something new every day, eh!

2. We processed some of the Kodachrome 40 cartridges using the same chemicals, but we also tried processing it in Caffenol! We mixed up: 54g washing soda (Bicarbonate of Soda) 40g instant coffee granules 12g vitamin c powder Dissolve it all in 1 litre of water at about 30 degrees Celsius. Then let it cool to about 27 degrees Celsius, and then use this as your developer for 22 minutes, and then fix for 5 minutes. Et voila! The result? Very similar to how the Ektachrome 100D came out when processed as black and white, with a strong orange hue. The main difference was the black anti-halation layer that needed to be washed off by hand with a sponge and washing up liquid.

The videos will be embedded in this blog post as soon as I receive them from Philip in Zurich, and I'll upload them to the Cherry Kino vimeo channel too! The chemicals arrived eventually, after the end of the workshop, so three people came the week after and DIY processed their films in colour, following the CK tips, and so there are 3 films that were actually processed in colour, as originally intended! Good work! There were also 2 films that were entirely hand-painted too. So, over the course of a short two-day workshop we tried out absolutely loads of different techniques and made a really wide variety of films - good work everyone!

For those of you who want a little reminder of the E6 colour reversal process, here it is: All chemicals between 38.5 and 41 degrees Celsius (I tend to opt for 41 degrees, because the chemicals lose heat when in the tank).

First developer - 6 mins 15 secs
Colour developer - 6 mins
Bleach Fix - 6 mins
Stabiliser - 1 min

That's it! Remember to rinse well in between each step too. The kit to use is Tetenal Colortec E6 3-bath kit, it's super easy, and the 5 litre kit is really economical if there are a group of you sharing, or if you shoot loads of film in a short space of time! The 1 litre kit is probably best if you're doing it on your own and just starting out. Mixed chemistry lasts about 4 weeks. Concentrates (opened bottles) last about 3 months.

Some extra links are: and check out this earlier blog post for some COOL LINKS!! And here are some links that Birte, who was one of the workshop participants, found after the workshop and sent to me by email - thanks Birte!

"Hi Martha, I just wanted to share these links with you: They offer the cheapest kodak ektachrome 100d films I could find, but only if you order until june, 3rd! Maybe you can share it with he others form the course or use it yourself. You can pay via Paypal and they ship everywhere. These are the guys from Bern, CH: who develop and digitalize Super8, which might be interesting for the swiss people. This company: is Berlin-based and they develop (14 € per cartridge) and digitalize (50 €) and finally, this company: offers a test-reel for only 20 € to digitalize 15 meters, but they don't develop."

Happy processing!

x Martha

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