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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

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It's been a while since my last post, got lots to tell you!

First off, I visited Bioskop film lab in St. Sever du Moustier, in the South of France, run by the lovely Florent Ruch. I took some 16mm negative that I'd shot for Florent to process in the lab. I forgot to take photos while I was there, so you'll either have to imagine it, or go there!! It was an adventure getting there - my sister drove me from Montpellier, and there are loads of winding country roads, and some seriously awesome panoramas along the way. Highly recommended. And Florent is a total gem.

Then my boyfriend took me to La Palma as a birthday present! I don't know if any of you have ever been there? It's one of the Canary Islands, very un-touristy, black sand beaches, volcanique!!!! I have a real thing for volcanic lands, they turn me on creatively, big-time. I love filming them. So needless to say I did absolutely tons of filming. My suitcase was 70% film stuff. No joke. Well, you've got to get your priorities right, haven't you?! Look, here it is...

I did a lot of underwater filming, using an Ewa Marine underwater housing from the 70s or 80s - old school, and amazingly - seeing as it's only held together by screws... - it didn't leak at all! Quality item, love it! I also tested out my new pinhole obssession, using nothing but a Super 8 cartridge, a melted biro, some electrical tape, a piece of black 16mm film, a cactus thorn or pin of some sort, and my fingers. Loved shooting a film that way - it was out and out experiment, where I tried all kinds of exposures and techniques, a really free approach that matched how I felt being in that place. Wow...

Then... Florent came to visit in Leeds! We went out and about in Bradford and on the moor and around Leeds, and he had his Filmo 16mm camera with him. We even discovered the bell-ringers at Bradford Cathedral and they let us film them and watch them playing for about an hour, it was magical! Amazingly friendly people too. If anyone is interested in learning how to do it, contact Ron Crabtree via Bradford Cathedral, he's ace. I processed an ancient Ektachrome in E6 that had already been used for ancient Agfa Moviechrome processing, and the chemicals were quite old... I got some odd results - very yellow and murky green, they seemed to be the only colours, but some parts I absolutely love! The motion of the bell-ringers is visible even though they sort of aren't visible themselves...?! I have 2 more to play with, so I think next time I will cross-process in C-41 and see what happens, will let you know!

Florent brought with him my processed 16mm negative, so I've been hard at work editing that lately.

 Last week, Cherry Kino also ran a screening of the Super 8 films made on the courses earlier in the year.

It was so good to watch them again - I'm always impressed anew at how much everyone got into the process, and how totally diverse every film is!

Another exciting thing is that the I now have ECP chemistry for hand-processing print film. Woop! It's the huuuge gallon containers in the background... well, that's one of the chemicals! My lovely fella helped me cart them all the way back from London because DHL won't deliver chemicals outside of London...?!

Some new developments for Cherry Kino coming shortly, so watch this space! I've decided to balance doing Cherry Kino activity (workshops, courses, screenings) and working on my own films, which means that Cherry Kino will be taking a fresh kind of direction from later on this year, and I'm really happy and excited about it! I really needed the last few months to fully immerse myself in my work and manifest those visions that are in my head and dreams. I adore teaching others the filmmaking techniques I've learned, and I also adore making films myself - getting the balance right means being able to do both, which I feel immensely grateful for! Teaching for me is constant learning too, which feeds into my own filmmaking, which feeds into my teaching... and so on - I'd say it's a pretty wonderful situation! Oh my, the endless wonder of wondermental cinema, somebody pinch me!

Hasta luego!

x Martha

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