Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Friday, 10 May 2013

Arteles Arteles, how I miss you...


Well, I'm back in Leeds/Bradford now, after spending the whole of April in Finland at Arteles on a residency. It was... how can I say? Immense? Intense? Beautiful? Happy? Sometimes a real challenge? Moving? All of those things. And you know, it gave me something huge - it gave me a brilliant perspective on how to move forward, how to fulfil all those visions and dreams, how to stay in touch with myself and be inspired and happy and full of positive energy for life! I know this all sounds a bit full on, but, well, it is! Full on in the best possible way! So one thing I realised when in Finland was that I have too many belongings, and that many of them have become things that stop me moving forward, so I've decided to sell lots of equipment from my lab studio, and also to complete half-finished projects I've been working on for ages, and share them with people at long last. I also want to make a book of the work I made at Arteles, which means I have to professionally scan the hundreds of analogue images I made! I'd better get started then, hadn't I! 

x Martha 

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