Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Sunday, 12 May 2013

What is Cherry Kino?


Recently I've had a nice fresh look at my dreams and goals, and it seems a good time to define what Cherry Kino is, so here it is!

Cherry Kino:

My name is Martha Jurksaitis, and I'm an analogue film and photography artist.

I channel my activities through Cherry Kino, which is and always has been a very personal expression of my love for analogue film and photography, presented for others to experience and share. Cherry Kino encompasses my filmic and photographic art, my curatorial and teaching work, creative writing, and resources about analogue film that hopefully help others become inspired too.

I believe we are born to do what we love, and I love making analogue images! 
I’m fascinated and moved by all the wondrous techniques that can be applied to film, and I’m delighted to share Cherry Kino with you. Thanks for visiting me!

x Martha

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