Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Ukrainian Centre, Leeds

So, today I went to Leeds' wonderful Ukrainian Centre, a huge lovely building in Chapeltown that is so beautifully ornate inside, with all kinds of embroidered table cloths, painted eggs - some wooden, some real - flock wallpaper, photos from years gone by of young Ukrainians in costume, some dancing the awesome Kossak-style dance, girls with beautiful textile dresses and headscarves.

An old wooden bar, a dance hall in the basement, and a glass cabinet full of Ukrainian books.

And photos of men - large portraits, or embroidered pieces, moustaches curling and eyes intense - hung all over the walls.

Here's a photo of Peter, who kindly let me in to film today with Clara and Jim from 'Just Handshakes', the Leeds band whose song 'Kiwi' is the reason for our music video shoot.

Thank you Peter! It was a pleasure to meet you. Here he is sitting in the window seat in the bar:

The bar is open between 12 noon and 1pm on Saturdays! It's the most fabulous place to take someone for a drink. Try and go if you can. Don't be put off if you're the only one there apart from someone from the Ukrainian society who can serve you drinks - it's notoriously quiet! Set back from the road, with a big green grassy lawn outside, it's a gorgeous spot. And an absolute dream to film and photograph. Shall be returning soon to take some analogue photographs, for absolute definite!

So watch this space for the music video (well, film!) for 'Kiwi'!

Here are some ace photos Clara from Just Handshakes took on the day - enjoy!

x Martha

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