Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Monday, 15 July 2013

Hex of Ergot (Popping Corn) - a Super 8 film


I wrote a post a few months back about the 'micro-residency' of one day I attended, hosted by Spur and Project Space Leeds. This is the result! Shot and hand-processed in one day, and edited in camera. I hope you like it!

The Hex of Ergot (Popping Corn) from Cherry Kino on Vimeo.

x Martha


  1. where do you scan your film?
    Is there a DIY way to develop color negative film?

    Saludos desde México!

    1. Hi Rata! This particular scan was done by Genevastop in Bristol, UK. It is reversal film, but yes you can develop colour negative film yourself - use the Tetenal Colortec C-41 kit, and follow instructions in the booklet to mix the chemistry, then it's 3 mins 15 secs for first developer, then 4 mins for bleach fix, then a thorough water rinse, and then stabiliser for 1 minute. You'll need to rinse off the black remjet backing with gloves on, using a soft cloth or sponge with washing up liquid on it. Rinse well. Dry. There you go!
      x Martha