Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My project 'Bird' for Woolgather's Art Vend!

Hi everybody!

Beautiful day today, and guess what, I'm indoors packaging up 150 little art works to go into vending machines around Leeds available to buy for £1! They've taken me aaaages to make, so I really hope you enjoy them!

A few photos were taken along the way too, so here are a few of the 'highlights' for you.
As you can see, it's just another day at the office...

Yep, that's a bottle of bleach...

Cracking the eggs with a knife and gutting them with a knitting needle...
Graphic stuff. When you think about it...

Disinfecting the empty eggshells

Filled with goodies and art...

Mini chocolate eggs...

A magic black lizard's egg... only one of these was made, so one lucky person will get this 'genetic throw-back' lizard egg filled with goodies! The Super 8 strip in this particular egg is really long. It is almost entirely black, with little bits of different birds at the start and end, and symbolises the kind of 'blind spot' of evolutionary tipping points...

... and a massive pile of flavoured condoms! Of course. Like, don't you have condoms on your desk? No? Weirdo. PS as you might have guessed, I don't really have a desk, I just borrow other people's... I spend most of my time in odd positions often on the floor or in the dark room. And no, that is not a pun. 

The finished pieces, ready for packing up in bubble wrap and putting in the capsules for the people of Leeds to pop open and explore!

The lizard egg has extra things in it and a super long piece of film. Here's the note that goes inside this one single lizard queen egg:

'Congratulations! You've won the ONLY egg like this - all the others are plain white. Yours is a magic black lizard's egg, a genetic throw-back to birds' reptilian ancestors... Enjoy your presents inside, and follow the link here to find out more and watch a short Super 8 film! The piece of film you have here, coiled up, is the black part of the film. It symbolises the 'blind spot' of the evolutionary tipping point, where one species becomes another. The image on the back of this piece of paper is actually a bird skeleton, but you can see why I chose it for you... please please leave a comment on vimeo, since you are the only one to get this special egg... I'd love to hear from you! You are officially a lizard among hens. Enjoy your difference. Revel in it.  X Martha Jurksaitis/Cherry Kino.'

'Bird' not only involves these (lovingly and laboriously made) egg surprises, including a piece of my Super 8 film 'Bird', but the vending machine capsules also include a flavoured condom... for an explanation, see my vimeo channel link here:

You can also see the film below!

Bird from Cherry Kino on Vimeo.

and a few still images:

x Martha

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