Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Some of my new films for you to watch! x


Ok so I have loads of news...!

Recently my friend Kathy Alberici and I won a commission to create a new audio visual piece for the CTM festival in Berlin! I went over to Berlin a few weeks ago to get started - our project is based around the 'Funkhaus', the old broadcasting station in the former GDR, East Berlin. It's an amazing place... Loads to explore. We found some magnetic tape, and got some sounds and footage, and generally got familiar with the buildings. We even got into the main concert hall, which I'm told is very rare... it was open for cleaning, and we witnessed a big grand piano being hoisted up the stairs and into the auditorium. We also collected the sounds of the wood creaking beneath our bare feet as we walked around.

Some news on my films:

'Bird' was selected to screen at Colour Out of Space festival in Brighton! It's on now!

'Iron Work' screened at Antimatter Media Art Festival a few weeks ago, which I'm so delighted about!

'Salt' and 'Peach' are currently touring venues in North America as part of the Frenkel Defects programme, curated by Kevin Rice.

'Peach' is also due to show at the great TIE festival in Colorado this month too!

I also made a new film not long ago called 'Attraction', which I include below for you to watch if you feel like it. :) It was originally shot on Super 8 and then I used the JK optical printer to blow it up to 16mm in different ways, and then I edited it a bit by hand, and then did the final edit on a digital programme. Phew! A long process. But totally worth it - I'm really happy with the result. I showed it on Light Night in Leeds this October, to about 360 people in one night! Bonkers, felt so high afterwards. x

Attraction from Cherry Kino on Vimeo.

Here's a film 'Alana and the Carnival' that I made for my niece on her 4th birthday, of Chapeltown Carnival! The song is 'Amor em Jacuma' by Brazilian musician Lucas Santtana (it just seemed to work so well).

Alana and the Carnival from Cherry Kino on Vimeo.

And finally, here's my film 'Salt'. The digitisation is not great, it's very rough and jumpy (the original is not like that), and I will replace it as soon as I get a professional telecine of it. I hope you enjoy it! Comments always welcome too. :)

x Martha

Salt from Cherry Kino on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Nail Art - a 16mm film I made


I made a film on 16mm a few months ago called 'Nail Art'. Here's the synopsis, the film, and some still images too. I hope you like it!

'Nail Art' is a 16mm film made entirely using nail varnishes and nail stickers as my materials. It's a visceral response to the craze for nail art, and considers whether nail art is wholly at odds with female freedom, as an activity that requires maintaining a veneer at the cost of empowered physical action in the world, or whether it's a modern-day equivalent to patchwork and a piecing together of feminine community and the emergence of a fresh and active aesthetics. Nail varnish and filmmaking do have some parallels - both involve toxic chemicals coming into contact with lungs and hands, both contain organic substances (keratin / gelatine respectively), and both can be somewhat preserved through the use of a sealant (clear top-coat / film guard).

I chose to make my film on 16mm Ektachrome, a film stock now discontinued and considered perhaps 'dead'. The film you see is the original, which I processed with my hands, and which will progressively become more and more worn by the projector each time it is played. I won't try to 'patch up' my film (or nails). I will let it gloriously scratch and wear off through being well and truly used. Nothing is pristine. Underneath their attractive coatings, nails are full of bacteria and dirt. My film is living and dying at the same time, perpetually moving. Nails supposedly keep growing after death. Is the same true for analogue film?

x Martha

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Some Experimental Film Artists I am really loving at the moment!

Hi all!

I wanted to write a post about some of the filmmakers I've been really happy to discover recently.

The first is Leslie Supnet, an animator based in Winnipeg, Canada. Her film 'Sun Moon Stars Rain' is so wonderful! I'm really interested in how filmmakers and musicians collaborate at the moment, having just made three music videos myself, and one film/poetry/music collaboration, and Leslie's film really nails it in my view. I love it. Here it is:

sun moon stars rain from Leslie Supnet on Vimeo.

The next person I want to flag up is Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez. Dinorah sent me an email earlier this summer about a post I'd written on Frameworks to do with watercolours made especially for photographs, that I used for applying directly to the film strip. I got intrigued and looked at her work on vimeo, and it really blew me away too. Here's some of Dinorah's work:

Is It True Blondes Have More FUN? from Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez on Vimeo.

I also really like the work of , who I hope to collaborate with on a piece:

Revém Natura Experiencia #0 from Ж on Vimeo.

x Martha