Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Feels Like Velvet, Feels Like Rain

I want to make a gorgeous limited edition full colour book of Polaroids and Poetry, inspired by the Finnish Forest. Could you help me to make it happen?!
I’m Martha Jurksaitis (aka Cherry Kino!), an English analogue photographer and filmmaker, and in April and August 2013 I went to Finland on an artist residency in the Finnish forest. It used to be a school, and my bedroom was an old classroom! While I was there, I became completely obsessed with exploring the place and the surprisingly raw and passionate feelings it gave rise to inside me, and I did this through taking hundreds of polaroids and writing poetry. After a year of fine-tuning and preparation, and some amazing help from my friend and Production Assistant Paisley Boyd, my project is now ready to take the form of a luscious, 160 page, lithographic full colour artist's book, from me, to you!

Snow Shed
I have taken over 130 polaroid images and written 14 poems in this wondrous place, and I really want to share them with you! Finland at the turn of spring is a total wonderland - the thick ice falling suddenly from the roof with a crash, the heavy, deep snow that is there one day and has virtually disappeared the next, as spring makes its intense, rapid entrance and flowers and butterflies suddenly appear. 

The lake was still frozen solid in April (there were a few scary moments when I heard some cracks while I was standing on it taking photographs!), and I saw fresh elk tracks in the snow, but in August it became a luscious lagoon for boat-rowing and swimming amongst the reeds. 

Lady in the Lake
Lady in the Lake

I used a variety of instant film, including expired large format (4x5) Polaroid film that I shot using a wooden pinhole camera. Developing these large images involved holding the precious image against my skin to warm it for 90 seconds or more, in the freezing Finnish weather, before peeling it open to reveal what the forest wanted to reveal, in an array of colours from pink to red, to blue and yellow. I also used a lot of 'Impossible Project' instant film stock, both black and white and colour, and spent many many hours knee deep in snow in wild forests. 

Rose Forest
Rose Forest
I am in some of the photographs myself, sometimes naked (I used a camera with a timer for these). It felt very instinctive to do that while I was there, even though I nearly froze! My poems are also extremely personal and exposed - in fact, some are so revealing that I thought twice about including them, but if you can’t be courageous with your art, all is lost :) 

From Behind
Flesh and Bone

Thighs and Sahti
Thighs and Sahti
As well as images of people and place, nature and patterns, there are also some playful experiments, such as berries I picked which I physically mashed onto a milky polaroid, and even a rayogram - I laid translucent freshly picked red berries on the film and flashed it with a hand torch to expose it. The poetry is in both English and Finnish translation - brilliantly translated by Kirsi Kujala - so you can marvel at the mesmerising Finnish language. I warmly invite you to share this experience with me! 
But to make this book a reality, I need your help! All the creative work has been done, and now I need to pay for the printing of the book itself. The money raised will be used 100% for printing and publishing the book to the highest standard possible, with lithographic printing. Only approximately 200 copies will ever be made so the book you receive will be numbered, and a very limited edition indeed!
Thank you SO much for supporting my project! I really can't wait to share this book with you!
With lots of love and gratitude, 
x Martha (Cherry Kino)   
Check out a few more images below...

Pinhole Shed
Blue Mist


Night Walk
Night Walk


Light Travel
Light Travel

Tree Burst
Tree Burst
Little Pink Riding Hood Part 1

Little Pink Riding Hood Part 1

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Energy of Fish (a poem written immediately upon waking from a dream)

I’ve started
I’ve begun the journey to Brazil
the one that has waited for me, patiently, 
drinking a fresh coconut, top hacked off,
sex-like wetness around your smiling mouth,
amused at how simple it has been, all along.

a room with roaches
and mutliple bed nests
is my gas station on the way
and with an electrical jolt
i run into you, outside.

you’re not surprised. only you seem to move away from me.
i’m hurt. my forcefield kicks at you, pushing you away.
you come immediately closer and invite me upstairs
where you show me your drawings, experiments,
exquisite and playful intricacies on the page, 
energy that flows from you.

i smell your hair as i kiss your head, and with true tenderness 
tell you i love you 
and we decide to walk a little way together
on my journey to Brazil,
up a sandy path, 

another comes with us, a girl from long before, still your friend,
never mine,
and after a struggle inside to see her as you do
i know it’s ok,
that i am not you, and all that i am is walking to the boundless city of sand
where i will find my shifting shape 

and its rose of glass.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sonic Portrait of the Funkhaus, Nalepastraße

Hi all!

Here's my latest project! It's a collaboration between me and my good friend and musician Kathy Alberici. We were commissioned by CTM Festival in Berlin, and this is what we came up with. We've been working on it for months, and the first live performance was on Saturday 1st Feb in Berlin!

Here's some info about it:

Analogue filmmaker Martha Jurksaitis and multi-instrumentalist Kathy Alberici present a "Sonic Portrait of the Funkhaus Nalepastraße", using a mixed-media approach to capture elements of history and ecology of the home of the former DDR National Broadcasting Corporation examining the acoustic, visual and atmospheric environments of the building. The project is one of two created as part of the Berlin Current Call for Works.      

Kathy and I collaborate under the name 'Polymitas'. We'd really love to tour the piece too, so if you'd like to invite us sometime that would be great. :) I processed all of it by hand, and Kathy worked with a lot of magnetic tape, including some we salvaged from the Funkhaus itself.

Featuring guitar by Calvin Xang and bass by Shigeru Ishihara.

Jan St Werner (Mouse on Mars) chose us as one of his top picks of CTM this year, which was a great honour, and we were featured by Wire Magazine, who also premiered our first collaboration online - a Super 8 film with soundtrack called 'The Garden of Polymitas'.

You can also find it on the Cherry Kino vimeo.

Here are some shots from the film (taken during rehearsals from projections against the wall!)

And here are a few photos from the live show:

x Martha / CK
(one half of 'Polymitas'! )