Cherry Kino

Cherry Kino

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Energy of Fish (a poem written immediately upon waking from a dream)

I’ve started
I’ve begun the journey to Brazil
the one that has waited for me, patiently, 
drinking a fresh coconut, top hacked off,
sex-like wetness around your smiling mouth,
amused at how simple it has been, all along.

a room with roaches
and mutliple bed nests
is my gas station on the way
and with an electrical jolt
i run into you, outside.

you’re not surprised. only you seem to move away from me.
i’m hurt. my forcefield kicks at you, pushing you away.
you come immediately closer and invite me upstairs
where you show me your drawings, experiments,
exquisite and playful intricacies on the page, 
energy that flows from you.

i smell your hair as i kiss your head, and with true tenderness 
tell you i love you 
and we decide to walk a little way together
on my journey to Brazil,
up a sandy path, 

another comes with us, a girl from long before, still your friend,
never mine,
and after a struggle inside to see her as you do
i know it’s ok,
that i am not you, and all that i am is walking to the boundless city of sand
where i will find my shifting shape 

and its rose of glass.