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Cherry Kino

Monday, 21 June 2010

Super 8 Film Stocks!


A quick update for all you film freaks out there!

Kodachrome 40 (aka K40) - Dwayne's photo is the only place in the world that still offers colour processing of this colour movie stock, the epitome of saturated "home movie" colours. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. Filmmakers the world over were distraught when Kodak announced its discontinuation in 2005. And... Dwayne's have announced that they will cease processing at the end of December 2010! Oh no! That gives you only another 6 months or so to use up and send off all your old K40 stocks - check your freezers to see if any is lurking there! Or buy some online on ebay now and shoot shoot shoot it!! It's the film stock of choice for Nathaniel Dorsky's mesmerising works. What will we do after December?...

Ektachrome 64T - The colour Super 8 stock that wasn't quite as saturated as K40 but does the job well. And it's really easy to hand-process in E6 chemicals, or cross-process in C-41! Kodak are discontinuing this too.... It's what Cherry Kino has always used in Super 8 workshops.

Ektachrome 100D - Kodak are bringing this out to replace 64T. You've been able to get it as 16mm for a long while, but now you'll be able to buy Super 8 cartridges of it. Apparently it has stronger colour saturation than 64T and can still be processed in the E6 process. Good news! But I've bought a few rolls of 64T too, just for old time's sake.... And the 100D will be harder to hand-expose, coz it's a faster film...

Plus X - this is a really really nice b/w stock that works great in daylight, it's 100 ASA. Seriously lovely, and Kodak are discontinuing it, both as Super 8, 16mm and 35mm! Big mistake.

Tri X - a fast (200 ASA) b/w film stock good for "night sports photography" (!?) and night time shooting. This will now be the only b/w stock available on Super 8. A real shame.

My advice? Stock up on Plus X while you can, even the older stuff you can get, stick it in the freezer, and save it for a rainy (or sunny!) day! You can also develop K40 as b/w - there's an old film with David Niven in it, by Powell and Pressburger, called "A Matter of Life and Death", and the scenes where they're in heaven is K40 processed as b/w! Not bad. Google it. If you do this, though, you need to overexpose the film by about a stop, and also increase the developing times (both developer and redeveloper) to between 12-14 mins.

Speaking of cross-processing, try processing an Ektachrome film in C41 chemistry - you get colours that really pop, it's unpredictable (therefore exciting!), and can be totally awesome.

Buying film: You can buy all of the above, except K40 (which you can only find on ebay) from and you can also buy Ektachrome 64T cheaply at

If you want me to email you a document on how to process your own Ektachrome Super 8 films (either 64T or 100D) in E6 just email me at and I'll send it!

See ya!

x Martha

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